Friday, 17 February 2012

Airflo's Reels

Just before I left last year, Easyfly sent me two new Airflo Airtec reels to to use and try out while I was over here the first was the 6/5 - 6.20oz to be used with the Hardy proaxis sintrix rod - & the 10/12 - 7.40oz to be used with the 10" 10# Airflo Nano bluetooth . Both arrived set up for a left handed person but were easily changed over to a right handed winding system in 3 easy moves

Now although I got these for free I'm never one to hold back on my thoughts about a product if I dont like them, and I have to say I have conflicting views about these two reels. The 10/12 - 7.20 0z larger arboured reel is just way to heavy to be casting all day for my liking. I know this as I spend new years down the south coast fishing from rock groins most days and come early evening my wrist was tender as hell. This was casting smaller baitfish patters so I cant imagine what its going to be like casting some of my big meaty pike flies when I get home.
Another aspect which I've found difficult to come to grips with this reel, is its incessant need to slowly wind the line back onto itself.Whether this is because I changed the mechanism around to suite my right handed style I don't know, but it doesn't happen with the smaller 6/5 - 6.20oz reel. I've stripped it down a couple of times to check whether it wasn't seated properly but it has been each time. Rather annoying when you've stripped off the right length of line from the reel to get over a sandback only to have it slowly reel back onto the spool all the time. The last thing I've wanted to do is to constantly remember to peel line off for the next cast. Overall though it is a sturdy strong reel capable of holding a large amount of backing a line on it.

Now the 6/5 - 6.20oz is another story and is perfectly balanced with my 9" 6# Hardy Proaxis syntrix rod they sent out for me. I wouldn't be so certain though for 7"/6"/5" (6#) combination though, as again I would definitely think it would be way to heavy for them. It also does'nt automatically reel line back onto the spool either. The black paintwork on both these rods ends up being scuffed and scratched rather easy and believe you me I've been very careful when placing them down. Small things you might say, but overall, yes I'm happy I have them and very grateful to Easyfly for sending them out to me as I'ts always nice getting stuff for free to test and try. but to be honest, there are many other reels on the market out their that are in and around the same price bracket that I would go for than these Airflo airtec reels.