Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bass slammin!

Spent last Saturday with my mate Greame and his son Jordan down the south coast at Ifafa fishing a private dam nestled between rolling hills of sugar cane stocked full to the brim with Bass. I'ts been several years since I last fly fished for them in Africa, so I jumped at the opportunity to spend a day floating around in a float tube chucking poppers and an assortment of multi coloured patterns at them

It didn't take long to feel that thump on the business end of my line, (first of the day) I'd actually forgotten how hard these fish hit your fly. I didn't catch any monsters but did end up with over twenty for the day.

Am loving my new Hardy Proax 9" 6# with Monic 6# floating line which Easyfly sent me before I left Finland last November. More on them at a later date!

My mate spent the day fishing from his ski and eventually ended up also in the twenties and had a couple over the kilo & a half bracket.

Jordan with a medium sized hog! This is a lad that's represented the boys South Africa fly fishing team last year and missed out this years selection due to a broken collar bone. Jordan you rock brotha!

Man I wish we had this species in Finland. By the way, excuse my unorthodox way of holding my bass but I just couldn't bring myself to grab them by the bottom lip,god knows why bass fisherman think its the norn to hold them like that without supporting their bellies.

These are the two flies that did all the damage. A bucktail baitfish pattern with a couple of white microbarb saddles in between the olive & white. length - 110mm

And this saltwater popper length 130mm. Thanks Greame & Jordan for a truly memorable day.


the lonsome piker said...

Hello Simon, nice day out fishing! That’s a fish I miss in our waters as well, but on the other hand, it’s probably better for our own species that they don’t swim around here. And I think you should write more of these kind of posts, I definitely like a simple ‘fishing day’ post!

BEGARB said...

Just awesome

I have a link to your site on my blog. When people ask I send them your way.

Tight lines brother.

Jeff said...

I'd sure miss bass if we didn't have them around. Most of the places where pike have taken over around here have bass in them and the big ones sure love pike flies.

All about the grab said...

Cheers boys, I'll try to upload more fishing trips this year for you Stephane.