Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cliff hangers in the Underberg!

Was fortunate to spend a weekend up in the Underberg recently at a friends farm fishing a stretch of river that hadn't seen a fly in over five yrs and was apparently full of Rainbow & Brown trout!

The cottages we were staying at called "Cliff hangers" are probably one of the most picturesque places I've been fortunate to have fished at.

Wading underneath the cottages was a daily occurance for me infact I spent practically every bit of daylight either casting from the banks or half submerged in the water.

Result!.......I Fished extensively with either a Klinkhammer or a RAB (Red arsed bastard) and managed five Rainbow & two brown trout the whole weekend. Am sure I probably would have had more fish to hand had I been more experienced but was over the moon with my overall tally. This is a small Brown I bagged that came from under a overhang to suck my Klinkhammer off the surface.

My first Underberg mountain rainbow trout caught with a dry fly. Not a monster by any stretch of the immagination but an absolute pearler none the less! To be honest I wasn't expecting too pick up this size as they don't get much bigger than this one due to lack of food that high up. Anyway a fish is a fish,Is a fish in my eyes!

Great backdrop.....Innit!

You'll agree its a fantastic stretch of unfished river to have all to yourself. Click images for larger view or if you want to see more pics from the weekend then click the link to visit my facebook page "Cliff hangers"


Anonymous said...

What brand is your rod in the picture whit the rainbowtrout?

All about the grab said...

Hardy proaxis 9" 6#