Monday, 6 February 2012

In search of mountain trout!

Spent the day up at Giants Castle on the head waters of the Bushmans river with Jan from Wildfly last week in search of mountain brown trout and what a day it was.

A box of Dry flies we had for the occassion. I stuck with one the whole day called a RAB (Red arsed bastard) - bottom right.

Having watch many dvd's over the years it didn't take me long before I had my first mountain brown trout caught with a dry fly. Cast up stream and let to drift naturally,The RAB was the shizzel.

Stunning little fish!

One of the many pools along the stretch of river. Watching the trout come up to the surface and suck my fly down was just the absolute bollocks!

On again!

What a cracker!

Chuffed as punch I was. Big shout goes out to my good friend Jan for taking me to one of his favourite stretches of river. I had a truly memorable day that will stay with me for the rest of my life,Thanks brotha!. If any of you are interested in seeing more stunning images of the area then click this link to visit my facebook "In search of mountain trout" photo album.


Unknown said...

Stunning place, and in such a place every fish is a treasure.

jpflyangler1 said...

Your smile says it all bro! Beautiful fish. That stream looks great!

dk said...

That's pretty awesome man!

Marcy23 said...

Very nice!!Man!