Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fly Candy

Not sure what this is really. I started with all good intentions of tying some form of marauder but decided to tie the brown & Chartreuse feathers on facing inwards instead. After that I lost the plot and added Chartreuse and tan bucktail then added twenty or so super fine strands of gold tinsel followed by several brown microbarbs.

I finished the fly off with a some tightly packed spun black & chart deer hair, then trimmed it close to the hook shank underneath but kept the top of the head long. Stuck a couple of eyes on and crimped them together giving it a Jonny rotten mohawk head.


Raymond - Noordermeer. Alias: Raymundo (Artoficial Pike fly and Lure.) said...

i like the shape of this head.
Makes me very curious what it will do, when it's submerged while retrieving it.

i like the colors that been used as well, beautiful fly Simon!

Kind regards,