Friday, 2 December 2011

Surf Candy!

Stepping out of the plane in Durban, the unmistakable smell and vibe of Africa hits you. Yes I've arrived and after a couple of days getting organised I'm back on line. Anyway I'll be updating daily again now that I have a portable modem. Just to get this African adventure started I've been tying up a couple dozen of these surf candy just before I left.Marco Reisen from the German fly tying team blog sent me a batch of flashy white synthetic material to try out whie I'm over. combined Krinkle flash and other assortments of flash n microbarb saddles to produce these 100 - 120mm baitfish patterns onto 3/0 long shanked hooks.The heads are Bugbonded for extra rigidity. Looking forward to getting these wet soon. I've nearly completed compiling my stats for the season which will be up on Monday. See yeh tomorrow!


Angler Gang said...

Sweet flies...Love the site!

All about the grab said...

cheers Angler Gang