Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fly Candy

This was the last fly I chucked before I left for my South African safari. Grey Raccon zonker tied onto the back, followed by several strands of silver krinkle flash and 5 white microbarb saddles,then a clump of Chartreuse bucktail followed by a clump of white.Then several more strands of the silver krinkl flash ending off with a small strip of white raccoon zonker palmered around the hook shaft. It moved great under the surface but I just wasn't able to entice a snotrocket to take it. Oh well, its dried and ready for next spring.

I haven't been out fishing the last week much as I'm still clearing fly orders away but will be out a lot from next week so I'm hoping to have some decent reports from up and down the coast here and from the sandbanks in Durban harbour.