Thursday, 22 December 2011

Cavity search please Mr Graham!

Sorry for not being around for a few days but have been suffering from serious back problems and also construction work down the bottom of my oldmans road ripped through the telephone internet lines last week as well.Anyway You know I like to fish with a condom strapped to a hook well around a year or so ago I came across a fly from my good mate Marc Fauvet who writes the popular "The Limp Cobra" blog who had a novel idea for a pike fly by strapping on doctors rubber glove to a hook which I thought was down right over the top!

So I decided to give one a go my self.

Step 1: Take a rubber latex glove and add some colour by way of permenant coloured markers. I used black and a number flouro colours with this pattern.

Step 2: Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut the fingers up into thin shreds

Step 3: Add a clump of flash to the back of the hook bend.I used blue Xmas flash. Slide the glove over the flash & tie securely on.
Step 4: Stick a couple of eyes on if wanted.I used kids party stickers here in green and blue. Bug-bonded over them, and there we have it, one of the ugliest fucking flies I've ever tied. This will be one of the first to be used in the spring and I can guarantee it wont be long before I catch something with it.


jpflyangler1 said...

WOW! Now that's innovative!

Marc Fauvet said...

it's so funny to see an old friend again, that fly done some good !
get better freak !

Marc Fauvet said...

btw, it's called the 'Proctologist's Indispensable' ;D