Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mike Smalls Musky/Pike madness

Many of you might remember this video I featured at the beginning of the year with regards to Mike Smalls musky/pike flies swimming action in a testing tank at the musky expo.

Well over the last couple of months I've been toying with the idea of not only featuring but also selling other like minded Pike & Musky fly tiers flies in my Baltic pike flies shop. Flies that aren't produced in some dingey sweat shop buy by the tiers themselves.Each will have their own page of six flies to showcase and retail. The first of these fly tiers is newly aquired friend Mike Small. The quality of these flies are unbelievable and are proven musky/pike/Bass catchers. This one is called "The snake eater" and is around 13" inches in length & is a combination of feathers,synthetics and flash and retails for $32,00

This second one, "The Rainbow leach" comes in at 14" inches and is similar to "The Snake eater" in length, materials and swimming action (above Video) and retails for $35,00. I've tested all these flies this autumn with regard to casting and fishing them and they are fun fun fun,I can tell yeh! I'll be featuring a couple more of Mike flies tomorrow, Click images for larger view!


Jeff said...

Very cool and unique fly