Thursday, 8 December 2011

More from Mike Small

Here are a couple more flies from Mike Small that will be retailing in my fly shop.This one is called the "Hawg Frawg" and has become one of Mikes go to patterns. They become deadly when thrown into the bank,grass or brush then pulled into the water. They can also be fished with a sink tip,starting with a few pops on the surface,then retrieve it the rest of the way like a streamer.It will rise slowly between strips. Retail price $22,oo

This one is called the "Slide winder" and is primarily a surface fly that has a great "walk the dog" action. Dropping the tip as you strip gives the fly a little slack and allows it too swing sideways (or vertically) and will retail for $25,00.Here is a short video of the flies in action at the Milwaukee Musky expo.