Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fly Swap with Mike Williams!

Another fly tier that has blown me away over the last year or so is a chap called Mike Williams who writes the very popular blog "Bigflychucker" . This guy is really pushing the bounderies with regards to fly construction and has become not only a great resource but a massive inspiration with regards to my own fly tying. I was so impressed with his "Duckling fly" that I knew I needed one for my collection.

This fly is simply one of the best I have in my growing wall of fame. I have had it on the water but just to see how it floats and it looks the bollocks I can tell yeh! Two sections of round foam tubing are mounted onto a double hook then layers of under feathers strategically tied on to form the body of the duckling. It also has a couple of rubber jig tails mounted to imitate the ducklings flapping feet as it moves on the surface....Fucking genious!

Link Mike you know I've been busy with moving,my trip here but I have nearly completed your flies for the swap my friend. Thanks for this, it's the shizzel brotha! You all need to visit his blog and bookmark it cause this guy kicks ass! "Bigflychucker"

3 comments: said...

Wow! Talk about a musky killer! This fly has so many great looking features. I love that there are two hooks. It looks like this could be adapted to a truly heavy slop fly for bass, pike, and bowfin by adjusting the hooks so they tuck into that foam. (almost like a conventional tackle top water frog)

Erik said...

Hats off to this guy!

mike williams said...

Thank you Brother! Happy to hear the move is going well. No problem with the flies, look forward to getting them whenever ya get a chance. Keep me posted on how the Saltwater is treating ya.