Friday, 25 November 2011

Fly swaps!

Another fly tier who I have come to admire over the last couple of yrs is my mate James Plante from "The Salty Riffle" blog and so when He asked for a fly swap I jumped at the chance to get hold of some of his flies. I've kept the yellow one aside for a frame but the other two I'm taking out to South Africa with me to hit the surf.

He also sent me this double stinger pike fly in chartreuse and white Icelandic sheep hair which has already seen some action but as Chartreuse hasn't been working for me too well this Autumn Its going to get a hammering in the spring time. I still have this evening and the weekend still to fish before I pack the rods away for my trip so Once I get out to South Africa I'll stick up my stats for this season. 240 consecutive days fished and over 2800 pike caught and released. Anyway thanks for these awesome flies James,much appreciated mate and I'll send you some images with fish caught with them once I'm out there.