Monday, 7 November 2011

A backyard in Nowhere review!

So I've watched "A Backyard in Nowhere" three times over the weekend and I can honestly say that this film is without a doubt, one of the best Fly fishing films to have come out in the last couple of years. In fact I'll go as far as to say that if this film doesn't pick up any accolades at the next fly fishing film awards I'll take a dump in my hat! It makes the "Deliverance" look like a tea party! And lets face it there aren't many fly fishing DVD'S these days produced where it says on the back cover CONTAINS: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE,PROFANITY,DRUG USE & NUDITY.

"A backyard in nowhere" is set in the muddy barren wastelands of Alaska down the legendary Innoko river and has a supporting cast of local misfits that any film maker could only dream of having. Its fantastically well edited, and as it says on the back cover "It mixes Western & Gonzo with traditional fly fishing.......Just cant believe they managed to bring the Molboro man out of retirement to narate the film!

On top of all that, these four intrepid Danish fly fisherman that go through hell and back to avoid being literally threatened with their lives by a bunch of unruley fishing guides from the "Midnightsun" trophy pike adventures, bring you one of the most riveting fly fishing films to come out in a long time.

And yes, its filled with the kinda pike fly porn dreams are made of and will quite literally be the benchmark for all pike fly fishing films in the future. In short This film shows why Pike on the fly has become the fastest form of fly fishing in the northern hemisphere and why So many of us fish for this truly awesome species.

If you don't already have this film then I suggest you order it today from
Its the absolute bollocks!........nuff said!


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