Thursday, 17 November 2011

Season so far!

Its been a long hard season for me. With constant unseasonable southerly winds I've been able to fish a whole month extra than last year. Water temps have stayed a constant 4'c - 6'c, and with no ice to worry about, the pike have been feeding well. I only have a few more days left before I pack up my kit for the winter and have already started compiling all the stats and its interesting reading for me. I've started to get a better picture about what coloured flies work best in certain areas of the island and especially what flies have been the most productive at different times of the year. Again, tactics were changed,and they have payed off in a big way and although I haven't caught many fish over a meter here this year, my clients have,and thats the most important aspect when your life revolves around this magnificant fish. I'll post my stats a couple of days before I leave for South Africa.


Unknown said...

Nice photo.Really love it.

Juha Ojaharju said...

Nice photo, looks familiar :)