Friday, 4 November 2011

Fly Candy

These bendback hightie synthetic baitfish patterns are another fly that going to be added to my shop in a variety of different colours. I've been testing them for a number of months now and they are by far the best fly I have fished with through thick reed, long water grass & weeds ever. Granted, as with all bendback flies you do loose your fare share of fish but I'd rather loose the odd one every now and then just to be able to strip this fly back through thick obstructions where snotrockets will be lying up just because I'm able too. Sorry for not getting the tutorial up for this fly yet but have been so busy the last month I haven't had time to finish it off in Photoshop.


piloui said...

Yeap, heard about those bend back patterns. I will give it a try one day. COuld you give more infos concerning the synthetic material please ? Isn't it too much fragile ? Thanks.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

The top & bottom flies are tied with slinky fiber and the middle one is mirror image.I've fished with the bottom one over 30 times and had around 12 fish caught with it.Yes the synthetics gets a bit shredded but after washing the fly drying it then run a comb through it its looks extremely fishable again. There is no material on the market that doesn't get damaged by pike but its how you look after the fly each time you've finished fishing with it for the day.

Erik said...

There's nothing I like better than a fly torn to pieces....bring it on mrs.Pike, bring it on.