Thursday, 10 November 2011

Flies for a far!

I'm off to South Africa at the end of this month for 3 months break to get out of the impending winter, so I've been tying up a load of saltwater flies and poppers to be used in the estuaries and also off the rocky groins. I'll still be posting on a daily basis, but there will be a tropical feel layed down once a week depending on where I've been fishing and for what species. I've teamed up with "Easyfly" out in France who have sponsored me a load of new kit to try out (Hardy Proax Sintrix 9" 6# & Airflo bluetooth Nantec 9" 10/11#) lines (Monic phantom WF6 F tropical and a Monic clear WF10 intermediate), reels (Airflo Airtecs) as well as other goodies. I'm going to be running a number of fly tying workshops around the country and will also be up in the Drakensberg mountains flicking 2# & 3# sticks at brook trout which I'm really looking forward to.


Jeff said...

Good luck in South Africa. I look forward to your posts from down there and a few salty fish.