Thursday, 23 December 2010

Tarpon stylie pike flies

Tied up some pure white herring ghost patterns tarpon stylie last week, and added some small fishskull heads for a little extra weight. Sliding the fishskulls on over the hook point was a bit of a bugger but with the help of a pair of pliers I managed to tap them down the hook shaft.

All the materials were tied directly over the bend of the hook. Then simply slid the fishskull head back down the hook shaft over the tie off point. All vary in length between 120mm - 160mm


Jota said...

Great flies!
Simon, the only site where I found mirror image do not have all the colors, like Belly or other White.
I already sended a mail ti fishient, but no answer.
Can you give a tip where I can find a site to buy those mirror image fibers?
Thanks a lot!
And keep on posting your awesome flies!
Best regards!

All about the grab said...

What colours are you specifically looking for mate. I will be making a big order from my supplier after new year and I could order what you need. All I would do is add 10% plus the postage for the effort.

Jota said...

Thank you Simon!
Can I send you a e-mail?

Jota said...

Simon, just send you a message in facebook. Thanks
José Barbosa