Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fly Candy

Another beast for the bottom. Started by tying on a small loop of 60lb mono ontop of the hook shank near the bend of the hook. Then tied on two strips of barbed white rabbit zonker 120mm in length. The added a decent clump of white bucktail. Then dubbing brush lopped some olive raccoon fur.

I repeated this process down the length of the hook shank up to the eye.

Added four long micro barb saddles

Then Bug-bonded a couple of eyes on to finish the fly off. In all honesty I'm happy with the end product but is nothing like I was aiming for.


Jota said...

Good morning Simon,

Another great fly!

Have a nice day!
Kind regards,

José Barbosa

Unknown said...

Awsome,man,really awsome.


All about the grab said...

Even though it wasn't what I was striving for I'm looking forward to fishing with this lads....cheers!