Monday, 13 December 2010

Fly Candy

Pink/white is another colour combo that has been exceptionally good here for me this season. More so than Red/White. Again,I spent a considerable time blending varying amounts of Hot pink mirror image with soft white slinky fiber and came up with these three baitfish for next season.

This one has an inch and a half strip of Holographic xmas tinsel down either side of its flanks and a tiny sprig of red arctic fox fur just to break things up a bit.

With this fly white was tied under the hook shaft and pink on top. I added some striped markings with a permenant marker.

Again the image doesn't do the fly much justice but in the hand its blended really well from bottom to top. I added a tiny sprig of misty black mirror image to the final clump of pink just to enhance the lateral line. For its chin I tied on a generous clump of pink raccoon fur.


Jota said...

Hello Simon,

Some fisherman may say: "A pink fly?!?!"

Yeah, they are really cool and they will be effective! Nice tie!!!

Best regards,

José - Portugal

the lonsome piker said...

Very nice flies, Simon. And I’m curious about the blending. Is this white on the bottom and a blend of white and pink on top, or do you use different blends on top of each other to go from white to pink?

All about the grab said...

I take 6 equal clumps of white and add varying amounts of pink to each white clump,then comb through around 15 times from both ends until they have blended together.

Then start with the lightest at the bottom working my way along the hook shaft addidng darker blends.

the lonsome piker said...

Thanks a lot, Simon. I will definitely try it out.

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