Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bug-bond for shrimp eyes

Here is another great use for bug-bond. A small blob applied to the end of some clear mono makes sweet eyes for shrimp patterns. This is something I battled to do using other similar products but with the handy fine holed applicator caps I'm able to apply the smallest amount of resin to the tip of the mono to produce shrimp eyes.

These are my King guinea fowl shrimps which have pincers and tail with tiny dumbbell eyes attached for fast sinking purposes.

These have no pincers,nore tail or dumbbell eyes generally used either for slowsink or drifting purposes in a slight current. Here's a tutorial I did for them last year sometime if your interested in tying up some for yourself. Tight lines with these Alessandro


Unknown said...

Nice idea with the Bug Bond, thanks for the tip Simon. Have a great New Year.

All about the grab said...

Cheers Brett you to mate!