Sunday, 26 December 2010

Fly Candy

Another double tandem rig fly for springtime. I started first with the trailing hook Tiemco 811s 2/0 by adding 4 olive and four black chinese cock hackles. Then added a clumb of brown bucktails splayed around the whole hook shaft. Then added 15 or so olive ostrich hurl feathers. Then added 20 or so super fine brown/green/gold tinsel strands. Then another clump of bucktail. Lastly I added a small sprig of orange arctic fox on the underneath before whip finishing.

The same process was followed along the main hooks shaft Tiemco 600sp 3/0 until the hook eye. A surprisingly light fly for its size and length 200mm. James, I'm doing a tutorial for these flies which will show the tail construction sometime this coming week for you mate.
Click images for larger view!


Pat Cohen said...

that's a great looking color combo...the finned predators around here would eat the shit out of that...