Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fly Candy

After Rowland left in June I used several of his flies to varying success. Some were too mullard to use anymore but as I loved the beaded heads he had made for them and I'm the ultimate tight arse when it comes to throwing away things,I decided to salvage what I could and so trimmed the old materials off from them.

I started by adding some white and orange schlappen feathers to the back of the hook near the bend (splayed outwards). Then added a wide hot orange & green grizzly barbed chevron hackle to each flank. Then Dubbing brush looped a 2 inch clump of orange raccoon fur from a zonker.

I then made a wire dubbing brush on my j-vice with fine fluoro yellow flash hair around 100mm lengths. Then followed that with several thin green grizzly chevron hackles. Palmered on 2 marabou hairline feathers.Then wrapped a short length of hot orange krystal flash chenile behind the beeded head. Total length 140mm


the lonsome piker said...

Nice fly, and a great idea to strip old flies. I’ve also got loads of flies from a while back that looked good on my vise, but where rubbish in the water.