Saturday, 11 December 2010

Fly Candy

Stripes on flies! I mean, Jerkbait fisherman swear by them so why shouldn't they be effective on our flies! Personally I like to add stripes, especially with regards to perch patterns.....for obvious reasons off course! Whether they improve the amount of takes you get I cant be certain, but they make the fly a little more visible regardless of the colour fly you are fishing with.

I should use them more often, but I fish with these kinds of flies maybe once or twice a week at that, and so I often forget to add stripes to the flanks of my baitfish patterns anyway. Time to snap out of it I think!


Anonymous said...

Nice Article. I will have to rethink the way I am making my Flies. I just read another interesting article about Pike Fishing that was of similar quality.

Jota said...

Yes Simon, the stripes sometimes make the difference.
What material are the flies made of?
Thanks and congratulations for the good work!
José - Portugal

All about the grab said...

Natural belly,wild olive,Olive, and misty black Mirror image with these flies Jose. They take some tme to tie as the blending of the materials is a bit time consuming.

Jota said...

Thanks Simon,
Blending materials really take some time, but the result is ok.
I've tried with Piketrek fibres, and the result is quite good!
I will put some photos in my facebook page.
Best regards!
José Barbosa