Monday, 26 July 2010


During this year’s Kvarken International pike fly tournament Canada (Team Torrent) was represented by Benoit Bumuller & Pierre luc Fillion who were subsequently sponsored by company called Torrent.

I certainly had never heard of them before, but after seeing the quality clothing Benoit & Pierre Luc were wearing from Torrent I thought best that more people, especially Canadians as well as North Americans, should know about this company based in Sherbrooke, Quebec. One only has to read their PHILOSOPHIES to see this is a company that truly cares for the environment and believe that the art of fly-fishing should be deeply rooted in the respect for nature and for its creatures, and have developed a line of high performance products that are designed specifically to be in harmony with the environment.

The Dutch team had also been sponsored clothing by a well known Swedish fishing company, and although I know they had fantastic products it was evident to see that the standard and quality of the Torrent gear was in a class of its own and had the feel and design qualities one looks for in fly fishing attire. To say I was a bit envious of the hard shell jackets they donned is a bit of an understatement. They were the bollocks!

Made from Torrent-tex a light but resistant fabric, which thanks to its waterproof and breathable qualities, offers complete protection against the wildest weather. Light, but with unequalled strength, it prevents the wind from penetrating. Its stretch qualities permit a freedom of movement for the fluid motion necessary for effective fly casting.

ood balance between breath ability (10,00m2/24h), and waterproofing (10,000 mm).
-No wind penetration.
-Light (164 g/m2), resistant (90% Nylon 40D) and stretch (10% Spandex 20D).
-Non reflecting finish.
tural tone colour.

also stock a wide range of male & female “Mid layer and Thermal layer” under garments as well as hard & soft shell trousers, T-shirts, caps, and well…………. most gadgets needed for a day out on the water. Click any of the links to visit their site and get yourself some quality swagger. I don’t have any to review for you, but I’m going to ask Benoit and Pierre luc to maybe write a short review for PikeFFArticles to post in the near future. Bruno, your boys did your company proud mate, tight lines.

Lastly, Benoit has recently uploaded an awesome flip book ezine for Torrent depicting their involvement in the Kvarken international pike fly tournament. It’s written in French, but full of stunning imagery that should be checked out….nice one brother!

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