Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fly Candy

I've been looking at how I can bulk up the front of my baitfish patterns recently and I came up with this new pattern which I call the softbelly baitfish. These are a combination of Slinky fiber,Marabou hairline feathers and goat hair. I changed the construction around with them as well. I generally start with the longest sections 1st slowly adding shorter pieces as I move towards the hook eye.

With these softbellys I started with the shortest section 1st adding longer pieces as I moved towards the hook eye. With this one I added white slinky 1st then palmered on a yellow marabou feather. Then followed that with 2 sections of Electric yellow flash n slinky then palmered on another marabou feather. the last 2 sections were Mottled green slinky. To finish of the fly I then added a small sprig of goat hair for the lateral line,stuck a couple of eyes on. I fished with one yesterday and it has such a wonderful undulating action under the water and the marabou adds some extra movement to the fly which I was looking for.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic looking fly mate! And the colouring is perfect! The colours complement each other in nice harmony! Can't wait to see the others.