Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Fly Candy

I call this "The Beast" purely because its one sick looking fly. Part predator part hybrid,I just know this fly is going to move some water. I stated by tying on 4 long black chinese cock hackles deciever style to the back pf the hook. The added a decent clump of Turqoise bucktail. Then added several grizzly microbarb saddles and some shorter turqoise saddle hackles.

Then added a clump of dark blue bucktail followed by 20 or so strands of black/blue/silver krinkle flash followed by a blue guinea fowl feather on either side. Lastly I added one more bunch of blended dark blue & turqoise bucktail and then finished of the fly with a veiled hair using light blue arctic fox tail fur.

Click images for larger veiw.


Ian said...

that's freakin' awesome Simon.