Thursday, 15 July 2010

Fly Candy

This is the 3rd predator in the set I tied in Green & Chartreuse colouration. I'm not as happy with the construction of this fly as I am with the other two. It started off ok but I ended up packing the middle clumps of Chartreuse bucktail after the initial collar to tightly up against the ball of yellow flash chenille,which resulted in it becoming to elavated for my liking.

The front green collar I tied on last could have been much shorter n length. It looks absolutely amazing under the water.....I can't argue that,its just a bit of a bugger to cast than the others. What I like with these predators is the extra movement the microbarb saddles and rubber legs give to the fly.


Jeff said...

I like these predator flies. I'll have to tie a few up. Thanks for keep posting your flies.

All about the grab said...

Cheers Jeff, I'm going to tie some more of these in different colour combos.Maybe a tutorial in the coming weeks.