Monday, 12 July 2010

The Predator

Last week I was out fishing with my mate Jani and he was using a really interesting fly he'd tied up with bucktail, a couple of microbarb saddles and some rubber legs & was extremely impressed with the way it moved through the water. It had what can only be discribed as a well trimmed trumped up muddler head at the front so when I got back I pulled out some of the Ad swier 6/0 hooks Harmen-Jan had given me at the tournament and came up with a slightly larger version, what I now call the Predator.

This one I started by making a ball of hot orange krystal flash half way along the shank.Then added several white a grizzly microbarb saddles and 3 red grizzly saddles which I tightly butted up to the ball. The added a decent clump of white bucktail infront of the ball for a collar.

Then spun 2 large clumps of red bucktail. Added several strands of white grizzly rubber legs around the head and then added another decent clump over the rubber legs to hold them in place. I fished with this this morning and it looked awesome when retrieving it back. In fact 1st cast with it, and it produced a silvery/Olive flash and a swirl but no fish. Have some interesting colour combinations for the next couple of days posts.