Friday, 2 July 2010

Fly Candy

2 new Bangers hot off the vise. These flies are starting to become one of my favourite flies to fish with and have caught regularly on them this season. They are an absolute pleasure to cast and jusy look fantstic under the water. Pink & white has been exceptionally good as well as the orange version.

The Chartreuse white model also seems to be working for me this season which wasn't the case last year.Whether its the action the materials give off when I retrieve this fly back is the reason I'm still figuring out. I generally wouldn't use this colour on gin clear days but as were having an exceptionally clear day summer this yearand so I've been using them none the less with great success I might add.

I'm going to be tying some up in black/pink and chartreuse/black next to use on overcast days and early morning sessions.


Jeff said...

The bangers are my favorite fly that you tie. Great stuff

Unknown said...

Lekker stukkies Simon.

All about the grab said...

Cheers lads. They have an amazing action in the water.The combination of bucktail,Marabou hairline and Goat hair simple pulse and wiggle together.