Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thinking outside the box

All fly tiers around the world are constantly looking for new materials to use on their flies....and I'm no different.Only last week while driving around Stockholm in a bus full of tiers did we spot a stunning Swedish blond with big tits walking her dog and not one bloke if they are honest can remember what she looked like yet, could tell you exactly what the Silver grey Malamute Husky did.

Anyway a few months back Lena and I were sitting on the couch watching a DVD (In pursuit of the water wolf - by Barry Reynolds) when she piped up that the Zebra skin hanging on the wall had potential for the makings of a great pike fly and said I should use some of the fur from the mane & tail.

Well I don't need to be asked twice so the other night I got to work on the mane and tail and this is the end creation. I call it the "Serengeti slapper". I started by tying on what I'd cut off the tail at the back of the hook near the bend. Then added 2 grizzly + 2 black microbarb saddle hackles. Then several long strands of black/silver FFF Flash. I then took small clumps of the white mane and tied them on facing backwards around the hook bend.

I then palmered on a couple of black marabou feathers then added a larger clump of short black/silver FFF Flash.Then palmered on 2 white marabou feathers, then added 4 white microbarb saddles. Whip finished and stuck a couple of eyes on then bug-bonded them pulling the microbarb saddle into the head so they would stand up right.

Total length 250 mm. What I like about the fly is the stiffness of the zebras tail fur and how well it holds its shape. If there is one fly in my collection that is dying to go fishing then it has to be this one. If your reading this Rowland.......Its got your name all over it sir.


Anonymous said...

now that's the tits.