Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Salmon/Trout Fly Candy

On the Subject of Salmon & Trout I tied up these teardrop tubes just before I left for the Helsinki fair to give to a good friend of mine there. This one I started by tying an 8mm strip of White raccoon zonker onto the back of a teardrop tube. Then added a sprig of Brown Pseudo hair then followed it with a 5mm strip of white raccoon zonker. Then on either side I added the tip of a jungle cock feather.

Then added a small grizzly microbarb saddle and then palmered on a grizzly variant hackle then whip finished and added a blob of head cement

This one is a slight variant from the other in that I added a second sprig of brown pseudo hair over the white raccoon and left out the grizzly variant hackle.

Although primarily tied for salmon n trout I'm sure they would be great for a number of other species including Saltwater as well.


Anonymous said...

o-my-god. Tasty! Got your streamers by the way-AMAZING i must say. Cant wait to fish them.

All about the grab said...

No Worries Ben,I'll tie you up some sculpin patterns when I get back from Stockholm mate in olives n browns.

Unknown said...

That's a beauty!