Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday pin up after 12 beers!

Yes its fri pin up time again and because I've been away the last 2 Friday's I though I'd make up for it by giving you four for the price of one. Here is Liz, Bev, Jill & Marge who were all recently snapped on the pool deck while out in Tenerife for Bev's (second from the left) "Hen Doo". Takeaway shops in Glasgow saw sales slump dramatically while they were away topping up on their tans cavorting on the the beach. Asked why they bothered to only wear their bikini tops, Liz 'n Jill answered "Well you have to leave something for the imagination don't you"


Unknown said...

I dig that skinny redhead.

Anonymous said...

12 Beer´s is not enough.

Ernie Small said...

Wow. Yikes.

"Only their bikini tops", eh? Well; I suppose if your gut gets big enough you could dress like that and still not be technically showing anything "down there", like how Peter Griffin on Family Guy uses his gut to cover himself when he's technically naked.