Monday, 29 March 2010

Fly Candy

Rabbit pelts have slowly trickled into our house this winter from friends and family and our spare room's floor is covered with them. The faint smell of death and sea salt fills the air.A small price one has to pay for free furs these days. The process for tanning and dying pelts has been a long and winding road but I'm starting to eventually see the fruits of my labor. I mean if you have the facilities and time available to you why not,I say.

Not sure what you'd call this but am pretty sure it will catch me a fish. I had a couple of long shanked hooks left over from the Helsinki fair so I put them to good use with these critter imitations.

White and grizzly microbarb saddles tied onto the back and rabbit fur dubbing looped along the hook shank.Stuck some eyes on and bug-bonded them together.

Just to be safe, I've gone for more natural colours with my dyes with this winter batch of furs,Red/browns, blacks & Greys. This critter was tied with some brown microbarb saddles and brown/silver FFF Flash at the back of the hook and dubbing looped reb/brown rabbit zonkers around the hook shaft to the eye.stuck a couple of eyes on and bug-bonded together.


Rich said...

Seriously cool flies Simon...:o)

They look like some sort of mutant hedgehog and I am sure they will catch you alot of fish!


All about the grab said...

Thanks Rich...yes something different.