Monday, 1 March 2010


I was asked a few weeks back whether I could tie up a couple of squid patterns for a fishing charter service. Now there are a lot of stunning patterns out there tied by some talented fly tiers but most just seem too beautiful to use.Not only that but they look like they would take some time to constructing them.

I needed a pattern that was quick n nasty and above all cheapish to tie. This one is the 1st of the 2 patterns I've come up with & can be tied in ten minutes if you have all the materials at hand before you begin. I started by attaching several white and 2 grizzly microbarb saddles near the bend of the hook. Then stuck on two 15 mm cheapo rattle eyes also at the bend of the hook and bug-bonded them together.

Then I took a 20mm strip of white raccoon zonker and wrapped that around the hook and followed that with a 15mm strip of Olive raccoon zonker. Whip a good en!

Click images for a larger view!