Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Helsinki fair

So I arrived back from Helsinki yesterday,pretty buggered I might add. A mix of late nights & a lack of sleep can be attributed to me being absent for a couple of days on here, and from Thursday I'll be in Stockholm for the Swedish fly fair so I'll be away for a few days towards the end of the week as well. Wow,I still cant believe the response myself & the Eumer stand received with regards to pike on the fly. I took 100 flies along and sold all 100 flies and came back with a couple of very nice orders as well. I tied in excess of 30 flies a day and gave away practically every fly I tied there too. Thanks to all that traveled long distances especially to come down to meet me. Thanks to all the new faces and friends I made. Thanks to Anti for Friday nights Liver down at the "Sea Horse".......it was the fucking bollocks me old son! Thanks to all for restoring my faith that pike on the fly has a healthy following here in Finland and lastly thanks for all that commented about PikeFFArticles.

The Eumer Stand at the end of the Day


Eso Fever said...

Oh shit!!! I was there on Saturday and I didn´t see you, I would have want to salute you.

Very nice blog.

M said...

I was there too and met you. I was the nervous little dude.