Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Fly Candy

This is a multi combination fly similar, to the feathered fur streamers I tie. I started by tying a 100 mm strip olive raccoon zonker strip at the back of the hook. The palmered on a small dubbing loop of purple raccoon zonker. Then added 25 -30 olive ostrich Hurls. The added a clump of white then red bucktail facing forward around the hook, then bent them back and tied under them to give volume.

Then added 25 - 30 black ostrich hurl feathers. Lastly I added green & white grizzly hackles. Stuck on a couple of silver holographic eyes and bug-bonded together.


Rich said...

Those colours are amazing! They all go together real well and make a lovely looking fly!

Love the new site header as well mate...:o) Your missus is very talented! I will email you later regarding some work I need doing.


Unknown said...

Sick tie! Love the new banner and look too. Excellent work.

Mike said...

The fly looks awesome. What feathers are you using? Do you have some tight arse tips where to get them?


All about the grab said...

Cheers lads....much appreciated.

Mike they are Chevron cock hackles and I will be stocking them on my new internet shop once its opens. http://www.balticpikeflies.com
Don't know what the price of them will be yet, but cheaper than most places anyway. They come in red, turquoise,Green,Black/white,Hot Orange,Purple