Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Paolo Pacchiarini

This months featured fly tier is Italian Paolo Pacchiarini. Here are three of his smaller baitfish patterns he sent through to me last season to try out.

This Black/orange had a one of the softer wave tails he markets and until it got bitten off this fly was simply unstoppable.

This Pink/white Bunker baitfish also incorporated one of his soft wave tails but this one snapped off after gettig wrapped around a reed stem....I aso cut away the weedguard on this fly. I've since tied one of the stronger plastic coated wiggle tails to this fly to see how it will fair.

This Black/white model has a felt double tail and had a small lead sinker attached to the front of the fly. Not a fly to be cast in strong winds, but an excelllent jigging fly over deep drop offs!


Gekcustom said...

Paolo is a great fisherman ;)