Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fly Candy - Musky madness

Si..."Can you knock me up another set of those monster musky flies for me brotha". 
"Sure How many do you require, and in what colour and what sizes are you looking for?" 
"Pink/Back, Orange/Black &Yellow/Black and all around 220mm  please!.......Oh and they must have tightly secured dumbell eyes mounted to the front of the head...cheers!"

Whats been interesting for me is the difference in choice of colours fly fisherman ask me for their flies. The Europeans seem to go for more bright fluoro colours pink/Black, Orange/Black, Chartreuse/Black/white. While the Musky fly fisherman in the States like their flies in more earthy colour schemes like Tan/white, Tan/brown/white, Black/tan/white whith the odd Red/yellow/Green - firetiger thrown in.

Anyway this is another tandem rig with stinger hook....Materials used: Pink n Black chinese cock saddles, Pink n white bucktail, pink fluoro glow in the dark tinsel and a spun deerhair head with a dumbbell eye mounted on the front.