Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fly Swaps!

This 13" inch tandem beast was sent to me by a good mate in the States Ian Bohon out in Grand junction Colorado. Its a mix of Icelandic sheep hair, flash and what looks like big fly fiber for its belly. To be perfectly honest I think this is going to be an absolute **** to cast, and so I hope you don't mind Ian but this is going to have to be framed mate.

Thanks Ian,Its an absolute pearler brotha!. I will reciprocate and send you a couple of flies as soon as I can mate, but you'll have to wait in line as I still have flies to tie for Mike Schmidt and Mike Williams etched on my board.... 


Unknown said...

It's definetly designed for a large rod with one up down cast off a boat or float. Thanks for the write up brutha. Your a top notch guy in my book . Tight lines mate!