Tuesday, 17 April 2012

TrueGear's - Nano Silk!

Not sure how many of you have started using the new Nano silk from Semperfli but this stuff is exceptionally good thread. Its super fine and and whats more even stronger than anything I've used in the past. I was sent a couple out to try a while back and have been very impressed with the stuff. My one concern with all these new age super strong threads is you never seem to get enough on a bobbin and before you know it your having to replace it. Not only that but they dont come cheap either. Anyway Guy Truelock who runs TrueGear is able to get these bobbins in 200m lengths instead of the usual 60yrd bobbins found at your local suppliers for a hell of a lot less than you woud think. I've already tied over 240 flies in the last 2 weeks and I haven't even made a dent in one of the 3 bobbins I bought from him. Give him a call or send him an email.He can get you what ever colour you need.