Thursday, 12 April 2012

2012 seasons fantasy pike fly challenge!!

Right, so all the flies are in except for 3 substitute tube flies that will be added in a few weeks. All have been featured and given reasons for why they were chosen for this challenge. All you need to do now, is pick your team of flies, send me you teams name with them and I'll place you down in the league. I think this season, although going to be a very relaxed one for me, is probably going to be the most interesting I've had here on the island since I arrived. Flies I generally wouldn't use for spring/summer & autumn will be used regularily, and could stay on longer than normal. Then again they might not! alternating betweeen hooked and tube flies daily will definitely give me a better idea which system works better. I'm also going to be using a number of different hooks for my tube flies this season as well as experimenting with different lengths and types of hook retaining tubes .

Click to enter: 2012 fantasy pike fy challenge