Thursday, 21 July 2011

Wiggle tails

Have any of you seen these before, I hadn't until a month ago. They're called wiggle tails and are designed by an Italian chap called Paolo Pacchiarini who I'd also never heard of before. Anyway he's some well known Italian fly fisherman with a number of world records behind his belt.

They're made from a new innovative material called "Scale skin" whereby material is skinned with a metallic film through lamination which allows it to have more mobility,resistance and vibration emissions than other softer less water proof materials on the market. They come in several colours in a packet and from what my Italian friends were saying cost around €6,00. I would have liked to have seen a Black,dark purple and dark blue variation for low light conditions being produced and maybe a conversation with Paolo might get me the answers I'm looking for.

You can tie them directly onto the back of the hook near the bend (See video tutorial) but they are best fished tied onto these handy clips making them interchangable. The clips on the right are tied onto the hook while the wiggle tails are attached to the smaller clips.

To be honest I didn't see them catch many pike with them while Giorgio was over but looking at the end of this video they seem to attract and catch all manner of fish from Pike,Peacock Bass,Tarpon etc etc

Heres a small video I made a few weeks back showing them underwater

And here's a great tying tutorial for a small wiggle tail baitfish as well. I've trawled the net to see who stocks these Wiggle tails and came up short. One can buy them direct from their "Fishon website" though. I was kindly given a packet of these and will be tying up some flies with them over the next week to be used in the Autumn. Have any of you used them and had success with them cause some feedback would be usefull.


Sanfly said...

I'm an italian fly fisherman and I'm using this amazing Wiggle Tails since years.
What I can say is that they work very very well on different kind of predators.

It's interesting the opportunity to tie the Wiggle Tails on a small clip separately from the fly body, on which you can tie its own clip; this allow you to change tail in only one second increasing the possibility to catch fishes
by changing colours, sizes and shape as well!

With Wiggle Tails I caught many pike in Alaska and in Ireland.
But I also caught Amazon Peacock Bass, Costa Rica Giant Tarpon and many other fishes like Big Mouth Bass, Walleye, Perch and Trout.

I heard that someone also caught Redfish and Snook.

Believe in me, if you like catching predators this is the new way to do it!


Ian said...

You can get them here too Simon!

I just ordered some to try them in Bavaria!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Cheers for the link Ian

bigpike said...

Dear Simon

In Italy wiggle tails are very popular for chasing all type of predators. I suggest you to try tying streamers for pikes and also in smaller sizes for perch, the results are incredible.
I have done numerous fishing trips in the globe and I caught bonfish to tarpons with wiggle tails.
Since recently, in the market, there are also wave tails, a new product which are incredibly realistic tails and easy to tie.

Among other shops in Italy, you can find these tails in

Best regards

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Thanks for the response.I have since been in contact with Paolo and will be getting some of the tails to test and try out.I've been tying up some variations last week with a few that were given to me by a client which I will show this week.

They look great and although I wont fish with them all the time I think having a set of flies with these wiggle tals in my box I will give myself even more of a chance to catch fish with.