Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fly Candy

While I have the time I've been stockpiling a new set of flash flies for the Autumn. The tail is an off cut from an old fly and is blended blue & chartreuse big fly fiber. The main body comprises of three tightly palmered dubbing brushes of mixed copper, turquoise, green & dark blue fine tinsel which I make directly on my J-vice If your going to make these kind of flies I've found through trial & error that the finer the tinsel you use, and the tighter the palmering of the dubbing brush the longer the fly will last you. The thicker or wider tinsels tend to snap a lot quicker than the super fine brands. With all these kind of flies I use fine wire to produce the brushes with. the wire adds extra weight to the front of the tube or hook your palmering it around and secondly if your a novice at making dubbing brushes then the wire stays stiff,tightly packs the materials and never twists loose.