Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fly Candy

I'ts great being able to sit in front of my vise and tie just for myself again. My fly boxes have taken a real hammering this Spring and Summer and they're in dire need of replenishing with new stocks. My thoughts about pike here around the island during the summer only feeding on small baitfish seem to be correct and 90% of everything I've caught over the last 4 weeks have been with small 80cm - 100cm baitfish imitation patterns. Chuck anything that doesn't look remotely like a fish at them and it returns unharmed. This one is 80cm long and is a mix of Mullet brown, Steelhead silver and Misty black mirror image.

With this one I blended Mullet brown with Natural belly in slightly darker shades as I moved higher up the fly.I also added 4 long cream microbarb saddles then some misty black. The underbelly is Bucktail white SF flash Blend.Total length 100mm


Djuza said...

Good looking flies once again.
I have also try to tie some smaller flies but for some reason I haven´t fish with them too much,even now at summertime.
I have also noticed here down "south"that in summertime natural colours deliver more fish.
Black/silver combo has been outstanding.


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Funny that but the three flies I have in black and silver have been extremely unproductive for me here. Maybe it was the shape of the flies or size of them but my Black silver baitfish patterns just aren't catching me fish here....Uuuuugh!!