Saturday, 2 July 2011

Synthetic high ties

Have been playing around with Steve Silverio's High tie method ,but instead of using Bucktail and feathers I've used Mirror Image synthetics and added a counter balance of beads similar to my Rattle n Hums as well. Thes two flies swim amazingly in the water and as the hook is upturned and well guarded by the Mirror image I've had zero snag ups the last couple of weeks when fishing through weed beds and had several fish with them.

This one I blended Natural belly with steelhead silver and shrimp pink and used red grape beads for the counter balance.

This one I started with steelhead silver for the 1st three high ties then added three wild olive highties with four long black microbarb saddles between them so they extend a couple of inches out from the synthetics. The beads are silver crystal clear glass beads. These are around 160mm in length but am going to tie some more up around 80mm - 100mm in length without the beaded counterweight balance.


Danny said...

I better get to the bench, these are brilliant flies! Thanks Simon

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Cheers Danny,they work a treat mate!

hartmand9 said...

Simon, were you the first to counter-balance hooks with beads? Eitherwhichway, I gave you credit for doing this on my blog. . .
Your flies are simply amazing.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

I started using beads under my upturned hooks around 4 yrs ago and might have been the 1st to apply them to pike flies as I had never seen the technique used in the sport but Its not a new concept as I had seen them used on small trout and even saltwater flies many years ago.

I use them for 3 reason
1.counter balance the fly
2.weed & rock guard for shallow wading conditions
3. As a rattle to attract pike