Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fly Candy

Again, I'm not sure what it is about orange being such a good colour to fish with here on the island but pike seem to love eating these flies. They certainly aren't as productive in fresh water here as they are in the salt. Anyway as my last batch of synthetic flies got mullerd this spring so I've tied up some more for the autumn if & when I decide to fish with them.
I've combined & blended Hot orange mirror image with red funky fiber for the main body area and blended white bucktail SF Flash blend with white funky fiber and steelhead silver mirror image for the under bellies. These are a little longer than the baitfish I'm fishing with at the mo at around 140mm. Being the tight arse that I am, I also re-used the hooks from the last batch of orange baitfish patterns I'd tied. On a different note I'm stoked to have my flies featured in "Fishheads flies n lore" this week.....Thanks Terry for spreading the love on your site brotha!


Unknown said...

Love that blending style.
Colour´s turn so softly from orange to red.
Thumbs up !!!


All about the grab said...

Cheers Juha,they take a little longer to tie up but are well worth the effort.

Solarfall said...

uhhh those look fantastic ;)