Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fly swaps!

I'm always game for a good fly swap every now and then and my mate over at the "Salty riffle" James asked for just that. Nymphing and streamer fishing for trout is his thang!! but when he gets the chance, Stripers seem to be on the menu. So the obvious thing to do was to tie up some Flatwings for him to use. I've used small clumps of Yellow,Olive, Pink & Off white bucktail along the hook shaft for the body of the fly and some Bucktail white SF Flash blend and 4 white microbarb saddles for the tail. Striper aficionados out there would probably knock them & they aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination as I'm sure I could have used slightly smaller clumps of bucktail but I'm happy with the end product and am sure they will catch fish.