Monday, 2 May 2011

Catch magazine Issue 17 out!

Stoked to have Baltic pike flies featuring in this months Catch magazine issue 17 out today. There is a great feature on Tiger fishing in Tanzania and backwater country Dorado plus the usual stunning fly fishing imagery from around the world. Click Image or link to visit the site


My Ghillie said...

As allways, your flies look great...way to go! I enjopyed the's a good one.

Hope fishing and catching is good for you these days.


Unknown said...

Baie geluk Simon. The spread looks great!

All about the grab said...

Thanks lads nice to see pike on the fly getting a bit of recognition.

RokSAN said...

Well done Simon!
It's nice to see your flies in magazin like that! I hope that will be very good for your business references are very good! wish you luck!

Pakistanfishing said...

Nice , great job,and btw your flies look great.

All about the grab said...

Thanks guys