Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Flash fly

The Swedes love Flash flies, They fish with this material more than any one I know, yet every Swedish pike fly fisherman I have spoken too always says the same thing, that these types of flies never last long. Well it all depends how you apply the material and here is a perfect example shown by Morten Valeur of how it should be done. Its in Swedish, but easily understood.


Chris Martin said...

Great fly. I like the application of the rattle and magic head. That would be deadly on Musky... reminds me of the "Cow Girl", a huge inline Musky spinner.

Someone needs to go to Sweden and tell those guys about "Baitfish Emulator". I can tie the same fly in 2 minutes using baitfish emulator. It far more durable and a lot faster. Is it not available in Europe?

All about the grab said...

Hi Chris,
Have to agree the fly would be made easier with some baitfish emulator. We can get the stuff here in Scandinavia especially in Sweden more so than Finland but its finding out which company is stocking it, is the problem.

Thank for th links by the way mate!