Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fly Candy

It's feels good to be back out on the water guiding again, even though its with a bunch of plastic chuckers. Treble hooks are the spawn of satan, and I cant tell you how much I dispise them, especially when they still have the barbes showing. The amount of fucking around that takes place trying to extracate them from a pikes mouth, and the damage they do is sometimes disheartening to watch especially if its amature fisherman doing the dirty work. The only concolation is the amount of damage the hooks seem to have done to their hands. Every one of them has their fingers wrapped in plasters. As a guide It's my duty to show them the correct methods for handling caught fish but when trebles are involved I show them once and thats it.

Saying that though they are getting stuck into a load of fish and seeing smiling faces is what its about. Wether its appropriate for a guide to fish on the boat when he's with clients is a mute point. Some chaps don't but, if were on a long slow drift over a decent run there isn't a cat in hells chance that my rod stays in the rod holder. 90% of the time they generally tell me to start fly fishing anyway.....which oblige without any hesitation.

This fly out fished the lures 3 to 1 on Sunday without me even having to break out of a sweat. and it still looks as if it's just come off the vise.


jpflyangler1 said...

Kick ass fly Simon. Love it!